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I Can Almost Taste It… August 24, 2010

Filed under: Graduate School Musings — E.Z. @ 2:51 AM

So, here I am again a few days before my FINAL (yes…final) paper is due! It’s been really difficult for me to actually begin the writing process, and I feel like I am being tortured. I think I have a severe case of senioritis…see wikipedia entry for more info. Honestly, writing this paper actually makes my brain hurt.

Anyway, I officially told the department of my decision to withdraw from the PhD program. Mama was not too happy, but I assured her I know what I am doing! Once I get this final paper done, I should have the MA degree conferred by November! Wee!

My passion for the film/ tv industry is stronger than ever. I can’t wait to finish this final paper so that I can focus on screen writing/ producing and of course, last but not least, acting. This blog will also become more film/ tv oriented as I move forward. I should be taking on a new project in the next few weeks! First I need a job to support myself…hopefully, I will nab a waitressing job on Friday. Oh.. I should mention…I’m starting a bartending course this weekend! Exciting!

I promise to keep you updated, virtual world. I’ll post some fun stuff once I get through this final research paper (ugh) and hopefully find gainful employment!!!!